Planning Process



You've EARNED a dream vacation!  Take the step to make it happen, by contacting us.  What's involved in using a travel agent to book?  We're more than just an online booking engine that processes an order.  We get to know your tastes and expectations, take into account your vacation "wish list" and create an itinerary that will help you make wonderful memories. 

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FIRST:  After your initial contact with us, we'll discuss your dream vacation in depth, either on phone/video chat, in person, or through an in-depth questionnaire, whichever is your preference.  We will also collect your traveler information, so we will have it ready to place courtesy holds on package items, providing you with a more accurate quote to base your decisions on.  

We will also discuss your vacation budget.  This allows us to give you the most value as possible.  It wouldn't be helpful to get a Ferrari package on a Toyota budget, or vice versa.

NEXT: Once we have researched your destination and matched travel suppliers to your tastes, we will present you with a couple of itinerary options, based on the vacation budget you provide us.  The presentations will include detailed information about each aspect of your trip (flights, ground transportation or transfers, your lodging, and any activities) and the financial details, such as deposit amount, final payment dates, and any cancellation penalties.  

Once you are satisfied with the itinerary details and terms, we'll place a booking deposit on your trip, provide information on travel insurance and set you up on our Client Portal, so you can view information about your trip at any time. 

ONGOING:  You're booked for your vacation!  Now you get to just relax and countdown the days before you leave.  We'll handle the tracking of payment deadlines, send you reminders about Passports/Visas, provide destination tips and information, and manage your bookings so you don't have to spend time tracking down the details or spending hours on the phone with travel suppliers.

A few weeks before your trip, we'll contact the travel suppliers to confirm arrangements and send your travel documents to you.  As you travel, we will be available to you should any issues pop up and to ensure you have a smooth journey and safe arrival home.  

Planning Fees

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Due to the amount of time we commit researching, planning, and maintaining your reservations, we have instituted the following planning fees.  They are refundable for those who book and travel with us.


Cruises, All-Inclusives, Alaska or Hawaii vacation packages.

$100 Plan To Go Fee:

All other travel.  This is a pre-paid deposit for research and planning of your customized itinerary with your wish list items.  Those who book through Journey Scapes Travel will get the amount refunded.