Group Travel

Do you have a group of people you love to travel with?  We don't just work with individuals and couples.  Whether family and friends, a club or organization, business or any other group who has an affinity for each other and travel, you are better served by working together in your travel plans.

If your group of travel companions each book separately, you may end up having difficulty in arranging tours, scheduling meals together, and setting up events for everyone.  Many travel suppliers will also create custom activities for your group.

What is a considered a "group"?

It varies but is usually considered a GROUP booking when you have at least16 people (sometimes less, depending on the supplier) traveling together.  Such as:

  • Class reunion
  • Destination wedding
  • Seminar for industry training
  • Multi-generational family trips/family reunion - (Yes!  Even reunions with the littles!)
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette getaways
  • Photography club
  • Fundraising event
  • Fishing expedition
  • Yoga or wellness organization (retreats for spa/meditation)
  • Food/drink aficionados (wine or spirit tastings/culinary experiences)
  • History buffs (explore ancient ruins or locations of historical importance)
  • Adventure-seekers (onboard activities or excursions that offer ziplining, rafting, diving, etc)
  • Appreciation/incentive trips (for employees or volunteers for your business or organization)
  • Country Club (golfing trips)
  • Social clubs
  • Music groups 
Why a professional travel agent then??

There are a lot of moving parts when booking group travel.  We will not only find the best suppliers and group rates for your particular type of group, we will also:

  • secure booking deposits from each member
  • send reminders for deadlines and travel to-do’s
  • set up a private Facebook group or web page specifically for your group to communicate
  • coordinate with the supplier at your destination, any reservations or requests
  • provide information on your destination and excursions
  • arrange any special experiences for your group
  • confirm all of your reservations prior to your departure, to make sure your group amenities are ready upon your arrival
  • assist your group should the unexpected happen during your travels
Are you a leader?

Group leaders are the initial point of contact between your travel agent and those traveling.  Once the travel itinerary is set, your travel agent will set up a personalized (and private) Facebook group and/or web page to explain the trip to potential travel companions and to share in your excitement for the upcoming trip.

Depending on your situation, the group deposit can be paid by one person or by each individual traveler.  The final payment is generally due a couple months prior to your departure.

We will work with the group leader to set up any spaces needed for your get-together.  This may include hospitality suites, cocktail parties, class rooms, performance/presentation locations and equipment, any private group dining or excursions.  We will then work with the cruise line, resort, or tour operator to make sure your celebration, seminar or retreat runs smoothly.

If you are interested about the thought of group travel but the idea of organizing it sounds daunting, let your travel professional handle all the details.  For additional information, click below to schedule your Free Group Travel Consultation.

We will occasionally have group space reserved or "Travel with Your Agent" groups available.  Our scheduled groups include: