3 Travel Ideas to Decompress and Recharge After the Holidays

The gifts are given, the dinners eaten, parties cleaned up, and the decorations tucked away until next year.  How exhausted are you?  The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Years, can be both joyous and stressful as we feel the pressure to maintain family traditions, give the perfect gifts for those we love, and feed ourselves silly.

Once it's over, we are left with fatigue, hope for a brighter new year, and maybe a resolution or two that we hope to keep through spring.  If you feel the need to decompress or recharge after the busy holiday season, we can offer some suggestions to get you there.  Here are three post-holiday travel ideas:

Wellness Resort

A wellness resort may seem like a no-brainer but is often something that people overlook.  I'm not talking about finding a local hotel for a staycation, but a resort that focuses on rejuvenating your mind and body.  Not only will you enjoy luxurious accommodations to spoil you with creature comforts, you can detox from all those celebratory treats with organic or plant-based menus, receive fitness or yoga classes, and spa treatments to physically release the tension from your body. 

There are resorts both in the US and internationally to meet your dosha-balancing needs, whether you're looking for hot-stoned baths in the Bhutan, healthy cooking tips amongst fields of lavender, or yoga by the Caribbean Sea.

Nature Therapy

When was the last time you just looked up at the sky to watch the crowds float by or sit and watch the wind blow the branches of a grove of trees?  Sometimes getting away from it all means precisely that.... getting back in touch with nature.  There is something restorative about watching water lap onto a lake shore, listening to a light breeze rustle through leaves, or smelling salty sea air.

There have been an increasing number of research showing that time spent in a "green" environment can help lower stress and decrease anxiety.  This may be why camping is so popular!  If camping isn't your cup of tea, or sounds like more work after the holidays, consider a stay off-grid in a cabin, a private beachfront home, or even spending the day in a local state or national park.

Getting Physical

We have all heard it.  Exercise is a great stress reducer!  It's also shown to help your brainpower, provide better sleep, and... well... work off some of those holiday treats.  While the gyms may be full of enthusiastic resolution-makers, there are other ways you can get your body moving.

You can pick a trip as strenuous as you can handle, whether you join a group hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica, along the Inca Trail in Peru, or through Alaska wilderness to Denali.  There are itineraries that let you kayak, rock-climb, or zipline the stress of the holidays away.

Before You Decide

Sometimes planning a relaxation vacation can bring on it's own stress.  Be sure that whatever you're planning, doesn't cause more anxiety or work for you than you're ready to taken on.  While you can certainly DIY any of these options, your friendly travel advisor can help make the experience even easier.   Either way, taking a trip to recharge can be a great way to start the new year off right!

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