Travel Insurance Information

Travel protection insurance isn't required for travel but it is highly recommended, especially for international and cruise travel.  Travel insurance can protect you in case of cancellation, trip interruption, lost or damaged luggage, medical expenses, to name a few things.  Some people think they are okay because they are covered by regular medical insurance.  However, many don't cover expenses outside of the United States.  Even within the US, you could face a hefty bill if you are outside of your regular medical insurance's coverage area.

Journey Scapes Travel works with several providers of travel insurance to keep our clients protected from the unexpected.  While we are not licensed to give advice on what insurance you need, we can guide you to options that are available to you.  If you choose not to purchase a plan, we will ask that you sign a waiver, declining any travel protection.  

If you have any questions about travel protection insurance, please contact me for details.  

Here is an article by USA Today, explaining the importance.