1.) Does it cost more to use a travel professional? 

Travel planners often find a package for you at the same or better rates, without the hassle of searching the internet yourself.  So, generally speaking, it doesn’t cost more.  You’ll have someone else doing all the work for you, saving you time.  Most packages can be booked with a deposit and you can make payments up to the final payment date.  No added interest.

2.) Do you charge a service fee?

No, I don’t charge you an extra fee on top of your travel packages.  There may be a small fee if you are looking for airfare not packaged with other travel components.

3.) Do you have an online booking engine?

I offer personalized travel packages for YOU.  I may advertise hot destinations and current promotions but still tailor your travel package to your specific needs. If you've been searching through online booking engines, let me know what you find and I'll see if I can match the offer.

4.) What services do you offer?

  • FREE – Consult to determine your vacation wants/needs
  • FREE – Extensive research to find a travel match
  • FREE – Counseling on best value per diem
  • FREE – Trip proposals, offering best options based on your travel needs
  • FREE – Secure booking, ensuring best value/services
  • FREE – Recommendation for tours/dining
  • FREE – Price watch and potential price match opportunities
  • FREE – Tips provided for destinations and travel partners
  • FREE – Tracking of deadlines and changes to trip
  • FREE – Preparation of travel documents and tags
  • FREE – Contacting travel partners to confirm reservations prior to travel
  • FREE – Assistance with questions and concerns
  • FREE – Maintaining up-to-date on travels partners services and promotions

5.) What if I find a cheaper option online?

I work at getting you the best value for your money.  You may find discounted travel packages online.  They are usually packaged together and stripped of extra amenities, whereas I am working with travel partners to stack as many amenities on as possible.  For example, on a cruise, I would work at getting your stateroom upgraded to the best possible location, not just ‘cheapest.'

If you've found a package online, let me know the details.  I may be able to match it!

6.) Do I have to pay the full vacation up front?

Generally, no.  While air bookings usually need payment up front, many packages offered only require a deposit be made to book your travel.  You can make payments up to the final payment date.  No added interest.  We will keep track of any payment due dates involved and give you notifications when those dates are approaching.  Tip: If you're looking for a lower deposit, ask about adding travel insurance.  That will sometimes bring the deposit amount down AND you get protection for your travel investment.

7.) Do I need a Passport?

If you are doing any travel outside the United States, you MUST HAVE a Passport Book.  Some areas accept the passport card, if you are traveling by land.  However, it’s not a guarantee that it will be accepted.  You don’t need the Passport to book your travel, but will need it in hand, prior to your travel dates.

Also, your Passport must be valid for up to SIX MONTHS from your travel RETURN date. While we will guide you in the process, it is the responsibility of the traveler to have the proper documentation for travel.  For further information, check the US State Department's Traveler's Checklist.

There are some cruises that allow you sail with only a birth certificate but should something happen along the way and you need to fly home, you will have trouble with Customs, without proper travel documents.

8.) Can I book with you if I live in another city/state?

Thanks to the power of the internet, yes you can!  Email can be used for sending documents back and forth, asking questions, etc.  Payments can be arranged, either on the phone or a secure website.  However, you must be a US citizen.

9.) Why do you encourage travel insurance?

I know how much time and money are involved in your vacation.  I would hate for something to happen that would not only prevent you from having a good time and making great memories but also cost you financially.  There are different types of insurance available, at a nominal cost, to cover life’s little surprises.  Once your travel itinerary is created, I can send you a quote on what insurance would cost to cover your needs.

10.) What if I have special travel needs?

If you or any of your traveling companions have special needs, I will work with our travel suppliers to accommodate, as much as possible.  Many of our travel partners work with us on things such as physical disabilities, dietary restrictions, even special programs that cater to those with autism.  Let us know your situation and we will work to connect you with the best supplier for your needs.