Whether you're looking forward to inspiring landscapes or spectacular cityscapes, cultivating the right experience during your journey is paramount.  It only takes a moment to create a memory but it can take several months to plan your dream vacation.  We are passionate about travel and the memories you can create traveling solo or with your favorite people.

You can rest easy knowing we have established relationships and continually evaluate our travel partners to make sure you will receive exceptional service from reputable companies.  Your desire for a culturally immersive, epicurean journey isn't limited to just tourist destinations.  We have the resources to send you to far-off destinations in comfort.  Remote doesn't need to be rugged.

Our goal is to create travel itineraries that are immersive in your destination, allowing you to experience the location, not just see it.  We understand that your travel needs may change depending on whether you are on a romantic couple trip, a multi-generational family trip, or a trip by yourself to relax and get centered.  By having an ongoing relationship with you, we can anticipate your needs as new travel situations arise.

Your job is to dream.  Our job is to make it turn into reality.  We look forward to helping you with your next travel experience!

Although our travel experiences can stay in our memories for a lifetime, our preference on the type of vacation we experiences may vary or even merge.  There are several types of experiences you can have. 

Here are a few that we provide, whether on a cruise or land-based vacation.



Do you plan your vacations around the flavors you can experience?  Culinary, brewery, distillery, and wine tours are becoming more and more popular as travelers want to indulge in regional foods and beverages.  Not only do you get to taste local restaurants, some tours include meals at private residences for a truly authentic experience.  Culinary experiences can not only include tasting local foods and beverages, but may give you the opportunity to dine in homes of local residents or take classes to learn how to cook dishes yourself.

Hosted tour


Just about every destination has something for those interested in history or learning about a new culture.  You can visit places such as: museums, parks, historical building or archeological sites.  Docents or rangers can offer detailed information about the location, while local guides can give you an insider's perspective of the culture and history of the destination.  Many trips can include an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the itinerary.  There is a lot to see and learn, it's just a matter of getting there!

Costa Rica Happy Dancers


Every country has unique celebrations they observe and what better way to immerse yourself in the destination than to take part in one of their celebrations?!  You can partake in celebrations such as Oktoberfest in Munich, Holi (India's "Festival of Colors), Festa della Madonna Bruna, celebrating Matera's Patron Saint, or Hanami, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.  Whichever destination you choose, you're bound to find a fun and interesting cultural event.

christmas-market square


Europe is known for many travel specialties but probably the most festive is the Christmas Markets.  Towns are decorated, music plays, tasty morsels and delicious beverages are prepared, and vendors help you knock out your Christmas list.  Most start in mid to late November and run through December, so you can hit it early to get yourself into the Christmas spirit!  You can find itineraries either land-based or via a European river cruise.

Antarctic Excursion


You don't want to just sit around and relax on your vacation, you want to get out and experience off-the-grid adventure!  Kayaking in Antarctica, white water rafting in Costa Rica, or hiking Machu Picchu is what makes you feel wild and free.  You can push yourself during the day and still enjoy finer things during your down time.  We can connect you with the itinerary that will keep you engaged during the day, yet able to rejuvenate at night.



You can go to the zoo to see all the cute animals, or you can travel to see them in their natural habitat: penguins in South America or Antarctica; bears and whales in Alaska; kangaroos and koala's Down Under; or lions and elephants on an African savannah.  We love tour companies that can get as close as is safely possible (for us and the animals!), to see them lounging, swimming, frolicking, or doing whatever it is they do.



Lets face it, sometimes the destination isn't important and you just want to escape.  We completely understand the need for a little R&R.  If that's your vibe, you may find a wellness resort with spa treatments, meditative yoga, and carefully crafted organic meals is the perfect option.  Or, you may just want to run off to an all-inclusive resort, sit by the pool and not worry about anything or anyone.  We can help make the escape to relaxation less stressful, by taking care of the planning details.

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