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Let us help pair you with a reputable company that has experience in the kind of expeditions you're looking forward to.


For those wanting a bit more adventure on their vacation, this is the place for you.  If your idea of a getaway includes hiking Machu Piccu, exploring the Galapagos, climbing in a Zodiak to explore Antarctica, or reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, we have the suppliers that can serve up exciting small group itineraries for you.

Many of the suppliers will provide you the creature comforts such as included meals, lodging, porters to assist in setting up camps/tents, specialty gear, and more.

These experiences can be challenging but can prove to be transformative, as you push yourself to reach the next leg of your trip.  Along the way, you'll gain a new perspective of the world through culture understandings you aquire of the local people.