SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

As we approach the six month mark, we have a better handle on how, when, and where to travel.  Locations have started opening up travel with various restrictions to U.S. travelers.  While some are requiring just that you wear a mask and social distance, others require confirmation of a negative test for COVID-19 and quarantine of up to 14 days.  

Thankfully, many of the travel suppliers have altered their traditional policies on cancellations and change fees, so that those of us traveling can feel more confident in our bookings.  It's important to have a full understanding of the requirements and expectation that there may be a zero-tolerance policy on violating these requirements.  There was a recent cruise ship in the Mediterranean which denied passengers to reboard, after the family violated the cruise line's policy on shore excursions.  The cruise line didn't want to risk the safety and health of their other passengers and crew, so the family had to make arrangements home from that port. 





MARCH 26, 2020

We're in a different world than we were a few weeks ago, as we continue in our distancing/isolation for 15 Days to Slow the Spread. Now that the initial cancellations and rebookings have slowed down, we are going back to preparing quotes for folks interested in future travel.

While we'd love to have you traveling the world, your safety is our top concern. So, we will be holding off on any bookings until we see things getting back to a semblance of normal.

We hope you are keeping your spirits up and staying engaged at home with projects, crafts, books or movies. We're using this time to tackle training, to be up-to-date on different travel brands, as they are modifying and improving their products to keep up with the current times.

We're still hopeful that we all will be able to safely travel again, soon and we're positioning ourselves to be ready to help you on your future journeys.

Good health, to you!