Client Portal Instruction

Need assistance activating or using your client portal?

Well, you're in the right place!  Follow the instructions below to navigate your way through your portal.


Add the Client Portal to you browser Bookmarks or Favorites, to make it easy to find when you need it!


Client Portal 01

Once you're signed in, you'll see your dashboard with your information, basic account information and any tasks that are waiting for you to complete for your trip.  If you notice that any of your personal information needs to be updated, be sure to contact us.

On the left side of the client portal, you'll see a menu bar you'll use to navigate through your Portal. 


Client Portal 02

Your trips and proposals will be shown under Trip Management. This will give you a quick overview of each trip, including any past trips.  To view more in depth information about the trip, click the trip title (shown in a blue hyperlink) or you can click "view" above the package price.

Trip Information

Client Portal 04

Your detailed trip information is here, to include the:

  • Type of Trip - Regular or Group
  • Occasion - Vacation, Honeymoon, Anniversary, etc
  • Travel dates
  • Package Price and Remaining Balance
  • Documents for you to view
  • Any tasks you need to complete
  • List of travelers

To pre-authorize a payment at any time before your trip, you can use the green button in your detailed trip information.  

** Be sure to put the CVV (the 3-digit number on the back of your card) in the additional notes section.  Don't worry, if you forget to add it, I can always call you if there is an issue.

Pre Authorizing Payments

Client Portal 05

To make a pre-authorized payment, you'll need to have your debit or credit card on file.  If you already have it on file, just continue filling out the above form and sign it.  Use the Additional Notes section to add your CVV code (the 3-digit number on the back of your card).

Client Portal 06

If you don't have a card on file, you'll be prompted to add one.  When you're ready to do so, just complete the information.  When it's updated, you can continue filling out the first form.

My Profile

Client Portal 07

This section is pretty self explanatory.  If you see any information that needs to be changed or updated, please contact us directly.  We need to know of any changes as soon as possible, in case it affects your booking info.  

You can also put a card on file here, if you would like, so that when you are ready to make a pre-authorized payment in the future, it will all be set.

For those who don't want to use the Client Portal, you can still make payments toward your trip by clicking the "Submit a payment" button at the top of our web pages.