Experience is the New Luxury

What is luxury?  Many think it’s the thread-count or crystal chandeliers, but luxury is increasingly being defined by the experiences that you have, not just the ‘hardware’ of your visit.

International travel used to be a luxury but over the last couple decades, more and more people are trying to include vacations abroad into their annual vacation plans.  With the increase in trips, people are also yearning for new experiences.  You may visit the same destination more than one time but want more authentic and immersive experiences, rather than the sightseeing overview of a region.

This new mindset has opened opportunities for locals to provide unique ways to showcase their homeland, sharing their customs and traditions with their visitors.

Instead of wandering aimlessly, taking in the beauty of a French Chateau, you could get a privately guided tour, learning about the historical significance of the estate, enjoying a personalized question and answer session about the artwork.

Perhaps instead of a tasting tour of Rome, you want to have a private cooking lesson in a local chef’s home, from purchasing the necessary ingredients to eating your creation at her dinner table.

Small group or private experiences are the expectations in luxury travel experiences today.

How do you get these incredible experiences?  If you're planning it on your own, you need to research reputable companies in the area you're visiting.  This may include checking reviews, not just on the companies page, but also on independent review pages.

Once you find the company you feel comfortable with, be sure to monitor news from the area for anything that may disrupt your original plans.  Depending on your destination, situations like severe weather, labor strikes, or political activity may cause delays or other disruptions to your trip.

As you get closer to your travel date, communicate with the company to confirm the date, time, and meet up details.  If possible get the information in writing and take a print out (or save a copy on your phone).  I suggest having all of your travel confirmations saved together in an electronic form, as well as hard copy print outs, in case there are any connectivity issues.

If the thought of planning and keeping track of the confirmations sounds overwhelming, and just not feasible with your schedule, another option is having a travel advisor who works with trusted partners.  A travel advisor is able to understand your needs and wishes and narrow down options that will provide you with a unique and authentic experience.

Reach out for a free consultation and we can discuss how our services make your life easier. We have exceptional suppliers that offer private or small group experiences beyond the usual attractions.