7 Tips to Planning a Surprise Romantic Vacation

If the last couple years has taught me something, it's that people are more interested in creating moments rather than collecting things.  Time spent isolating, travel plans being delayed or canceled , and dealing with illnesses has created a hunger to have meaningful moments with our loved ones.

No matter if it's to reconnect or reawaken your senses, planning a surprise romantic trip is an excellent way of enjoying travel experiences without distractions. If your sweetheart is the adventurous type, then you can't go wrong with planning a surprise romantic escape.  Here are seven tips on how you can pull this off without your significant other knowing about it until you're ready to embark! 

Make Sure Your Schedules are Clear

If the trip is longer than one weekend, then you'll need to coordinate with your significant other's boss. For example, if their schedule is unpredictable, it's ideal to ask their boss to choose the best dates for them to take off from work.  If your other half is a planner, you may need to set up a decoy event during that time, so they don't make arrangements to do something during this time.

Choose a Destination

Choosing a destination involves taking your lover somewhere that helps both of you break free from regular routines. It doesn't matter if it's relaxing in a cabana on a tropical island, a historic hotel, or journeying through the desert. The goal is to leave your lives behind for a little while, giving you time to focus on each other.

Pre-Plan for Adventures and Activities

Your significant other might love comedy shows, exploring with a local, or live music. No matter what the activities are, make sure you pre-plan for these activities and adventures. If your lover prefers leaving schedules open when you travel, make sure that happens. That way, there's plenty of time for cuddle time, relaxation, and rest.

Research the Best Places to Eat

If your S.O. loves food, your best bet is to research the best places to eat before embarking on your voyage. People who love food can travel to new destinations, which give them provocative opportunities to indulge in their senses and indulge in new cuisine.

Get Help

It may be difficult to do all the research and planning on your own, without your significant other finding out (or at least becoming suspicious!)  Try and task out some of the things on your to-do list to friends and family.  Make sure they know it's a secret, so they don't accidentally spill the beans!  Having a professional travel planner can also help make sure your secret is safe.  Not only can they do the research and planning for you, they may have secrets of their own to make the trip extra special.

Pack in Advance

The best way to make sure you do not forget anything is by creating a packing list. You can also ask your lover to grab a bag and pack a few things before leaving. That way, the things that you both can't live without don't get left behind. Consider packing everything into a carry-on to avoid going through the luggage check-in process.

Determine the Best Time to Reveal

There are a couple of ways you can reveal this surprise romantic trip. First, you can make an excuse for why you need to go to the airport together. You can also tell your lover an hour or so before leaving so they can pack a bag of essentials. Another option is to leave clues during the weeks leading up to the trip.

If you're good at keeping a secret, then you'll have no problem planning a surprise romantic trip for you and your significant other.  We're here to help you plan, too!  Just schedule a time for a quick chat to get your vacation planning started for you!