Travel Tip: Be Flexible

Even the best made plans can hit a snag.  Life happens: weather delays, flat tires, computer crashes.  If you are faced with the unexpected, stay calm.  The cruise line, air carrier, or other travel partners want you to have a great experience with their company and get you going on your trip.  Keeping a positive attitude will allow them to focus on resolving the situation.  airline counter

If you find that there are extraordinary delays or problems with your plans, you can contact your travel agent to see how they can resolve your predicament.

How can you avoid some travel issues?  Preparation!

  • Have duplicate copies of travel documents available in case they are lost along the way.
  • Carry a snack and empty water bottle with you, so that if you encounter delays you can avoid the “hangry” feeling.
  • Keep earbuds handy, so you can listen to your favorite music (or even just block out the extra noise.)
  • Give yourself plenty of buffer time to get to your location, keeping in mind traffic and security lines.
  • Have phone numbers available for you to contact your travel carriers and agent.

To protect yourself, talk to your travel agent about Travel Insurance protection.  Often the insurance will provide protection to cover things like trip interruptions, medical care for illnesses you may encounter, or baggage loss and damage.  Journey Scapes Travel highly recommends adding travel protection to your trip.  (We use it ourselves!)  Call us today at 503-558-4418, or fill out our online Travel Style Profile form and we’ll get back to you soon.