What We Value About Vacation Travel

  1.  Bonding – Travel gives us time to bond with our travel companions.  Whether it be family and friends, your photography group, or a company retreat, traveling together gives us that shared experience.  We are generally more relaxed when vacationing and can spend more time enjoying common interests, learning about those in our travel group.  people-2577925
  2. Mental health – Vacation travel can also be very healing for your mental health.  Sea air, quiet forests, or ocean waves lapping on the shore can bring your mind and body into a natural tranquility.  Often, the absence or reduction in use of electronics (phone calls, emails, etc) will be just what you need to reset mentally and relax.  yoga-1284657
  3. Exploring – The changing landscape of an Alaska cruise, immersing yourself in the town near your resort or zip-lining over a forest canopy are just some of the ways you can explore during your trip.  There are tours and excursions for just about every lifestyle and level of adventure.  You decide the kind of experience you want to undertake. jet-ski-1582140
  4. Learning – How much can you really learn on vacation?  Quite a bit, actually!  Many cruise lines will host educational programs during their sailing.  You may have a presentation from a scientist about the wildlife or geology of an area or an art exposition discussing the style of art in the gallery.  On land-based vacations, you can visit historical sites, museums or take a tour learning about the local trade/culture.    nassau-2444243
  5. Celebrating – Treating yourself and your loved ones is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone or accomplishment.  Travel has long been a way to celebrate birthdays, engagements, honeymoons, anniversaries, promotions, graduations or retirements.  It’s a great opportunity in which you can eat, drink and be merry.  glasses-213156

What do you value about vacation travel?  Let us know, at Journey Scapes Travel.