Value of a Travel Agent: What You’re Really Getting

Time is money.  Many people have never used a travel agent and wonder what additional costs are associated with using one.  While each agency and agent are different, here are some of the services you’ll get from Journey Scapes Travel:

  • FREE – Consult to determine your vacation wants/needs
  • FREE – Extensive research to find a travel match
  • FREE – Counseling on best value per diem
  • FREE – Trip proposals, offering best options based on your travel needs
  • FREE – Secure booking, ensuring best value/services
  • FREE – Recommendation for tours/dining
  • FREE – Price watch and potential price match opportunities
  • FREE – Tips provided for destinations and travel partners
  • FREE – Tracking of deadlines and changes to trip
  • FREE – Preparation of travel documents and tags
  • FREE – Contacting travel partners to confirm reservations prior to travel
  • FREE – Assistance with questions and concerns
  • FREE – Maintaining up-to-date on travels partners services and promotions

Some people enjoy the bargain hunt and planning travel on their own. (I know I like planning, that’s why I’m in business!)  However, if you have a busy schedule or want a one-on-one relationship with a travel professional who can personalize your experience to the standards you set, get in contact with Journey Scapes Travel.  Less stress and more ‘ahhhhhh.’