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Lara Catton Owner/Travel Advisor

We travel not just to get away from our daily routines, but we travel for connection. We want to connect with our travel companions, the destination, even get in touch with ourselves.

Whether you're looking forward to inspiring landscapes or spectacular cityscapes, cultivating the right experience during your journey is paramount.  It only takes a moment to create a memory but it can take several months to plan your dream vacation.  We are passionate about travel and the memories you can create traveling solo or with your favorite people.

You can rest easy knowing we have established relationships and continually evaluate our travel partners to make sure you will receive exceptional service from reputable companies.  Your desire for a culturally immersive, epicurean journey isn't limited to just tourist destinations.  We have the resources to send you to far-off destinations in comfort.  Remote doesn't need to be rugged.

Our goal is to create travel itineraries that are immersive in your destination, allowing you to experience the location, not just see it.  We understand that your travel needs may change depending on whether you are on a romantic couple trip, a multi-generational family trip, or a trip by yourself to relax and get centered.  By having an ongoing relationship with you, we can anticipate your needs as new travel situations arise.

Your job is to dream.  Our job is to make it turn into reality.  We look forward to helping you with your next travel experience!

5 Unique Small Cruise Ports

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This agency has completed Advanced Ocean Cruise training and has expert level knowledge and experience to help plan your next vacation.  This training allows me to pair you with the cruise line that will best meet your expectations.                      



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