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Enrichment. Relaxation. Exploration.

When you think about your favorite vacation, you may not remember the exact dates, number of days or what airline you flew to get there.  Chances are you remember the experiences you had, who you traveled with, delicious food you enjoyed, and how you felt while you were away.
We create personalized travel itineraries for busy adults who need a getaway but don't want to deal with the hassle of vacation research and planning.  We can prepare a vacation for you that not only lets you enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of hectic schedules, but allows you to make connections with your travel companions, those you meet on your travels, even connect with yourself. Ready for an escape from the chaos of daily life? 

Our Services

Cruise Planning

Whether you're loyal to a specific line or enjoy trying different brands, we can help you choose a cruise itinerary that will provide the best experience and value.

travel insurance

We highly recommend travel insurance for your trips, whether it's through the travel supplier or a separate company.  We believe in protecting your travel investment and your peace-of-mind.

Resorts/Land Travel

If you're looking for a resort stay, pre/post cruise hotel accommodations, or a land travel tour, we can help research and plan a wide variety, from boutique to large resorts.

Group Travel

Save time and the frustration of planning a group trip, such as a family get-together, celebrating a milestone with friends, or a class reunion.  We do the research and keep everything organized for you !


Finding activities on your trip can be overwhelming.  We can help narrow down options for things from museums tours, spa reservations, kayaking, or whatever your passion.  

Young male driver helping a happy female passanger getting our of luxury black car in New York City

We help you get to where you're going by bundling your airfare and ground transportation with your cruise or land package.

You don't have to be overwhelmed with all the choices and components involved in planning your next vacation.  Let us do the work for you!

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This agency has completed Advanced Ocean Cruise, Groups Travel, and Ethical Travel Agent training and has expert level knowledge and experience to help plan your next vacation.  This training allows me to pair you with the vacation that will best meet your expectations.                      


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